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Too cute, in a creepy sort of way...

Ok, so I play this weird/cute Japanese online role playing game called Ragnarok Online. One of the strangest things about the game is how CUTE the monsters are. This little guy is an example. He's called a Drops, and he's a member of the Poring family. (They come in several different colours with different abilities.) His primary role in the game is garbage collector. If you leave treasure lying around on the ground, this guy will come and absorb it all. Then you have to kill the poor little bugger to get it back. Anyhow, there's nothing inside this one except fibre-fill. Here's the pattern if you want to make one!

Poring Amigurumi

You need: 4mm hook, small amount of fun yarn colors in sports weight, fibre fill, embroidery floss and safety eyes (I used 9mm) or buttons.

Stitches: sc inc (2sc in one sc), sc dec (begin sc in one st, yo, pull up a loop, put hook under next st, yo and pull up another loop, yo and pull through all 3 loops on hook)

Start with a magic ring, and make 3sc in it, pull tight. (Working in the rounds, you do not join rounds or turn your work. Just continue the spiral. It's easiest to mark the end of each round with a stitch marker.)

Make 1sc inc in first sc, then 3sc around
  1. 1sc in each sc
  2. 1sc inc in each sc
  3. *1sc inc in first sc, 1sc; rep from * around
  4. *1sc inc in first sc, 2sc; rep from * around
  5. *1sc inc in first sc, 3sc; rep from * around
  6. *1sc inc in first sc, 4sc; rep from * around
  7. *1sc inc in first sc, 5 sc; rep from * around
  8. 1sc in each sc around
  9. 1sc in each sc around
  10. 1sc in each sc around
  11. 1sc in each sc around
  12. *1sc dec, 5sc; rep from * around
  13. *1sc dec, 4sc; rep from * around
  14. add safety eyes if you're using them at this point, before the opening gets too small
  15. *1sc dec, 3sc; rep from * around
  16. *1sc dec, 2sc; rep from * around
  17. stuff with fibre-fill
  18. *1sc dec, 1sc; rep from * around
  19. FO, leaving a long tail, use tail to weave through the stitches to pull any remaining hole closed
  20. Backstitch on a mouth with embroidery floss. Mostly these little guys look pretty cheery.

Hope you have fun with them! (they're great to toss at friends.)

Adventures in Tunisian Crochet

I thought it might be neat to try something new with my crochet, so I went out today and bought two HUGE hooks. These hooks are 30cm long, one's a 5.0mm and one's a 4.0mm. Some people call them cro-hooks, or they're known as Tunisian hooks. They're used mostly for making afghans or baby blankets... large things, anyway.

Using them is sort of a cross between knitting and crocheting, where you cast on a row of stitches, then work them off, then cast them back on again. You still only use one hook. The funny things I've noticed is that I have no idea how to hold the damned hook. I tried a knife hold, I tried a pencil hold, but I'm doing something akin to gripping a paddle, and I still manage to smack myself in the ear with the end of the stupid thing.

The other thing is that I notice I need to put a lot more tension on the finished work while I'm working off the loops, which causes my left hand to cramp up. Oh, and I didn't mention the blisters on my right hand from the deathgrip I have on the hook.

I know it sounds like I don't like doing Tunisian style crochet, and that isn't really true. I'm just seriously not used to it yet, and it'll take a bit for me to get my groove on. But let me tell you, the fabric it produces is gorgeous, and VERY different from standard crochet. Now to learn a few new stitches! I'll post some pictures when I get a good swatch together.

Almighty Cod Pattern

fish hat Love me, love my fish hat.


I made this hat out of bits and pieces in my stash. It took about 1/2 a skein of Red Heart acrylic (the green) to do the main part of the hat and the fins. The other colors I used were a brick red for the tail and back spine, white and black for the eyeballs and off-white for the teeth.

Main Hat

Rd 1 starting with the main colour, make a magic ring; 5 dc in ring; pull ring tight; ss to join; ch 2

Rd 2 dc inc in each st around; ss to join; ch 2

Rd 3 *(dc in 1 st; dc inc in next st) repeat around from *; ss to join; ch 2

Rd 4 *(2 dc; dc inc in next st) repeat around from *; ss to join; ch 2

Rd 5 *(3 dc; dc inc in next st) repeat around from *; ss to join; ch 2

Rd 6 *(4 dc; dc inc in next st) repeat around from *; ss to join; ch 2

Rd 7 *(5 dc; dc inc in next st) repeat around from *; ss to join; ch 2

Rd 8 *(6 dc; dc inc in next st) repeat around from *; ss to join; ch 2

Rounds 9-25: continue pattern, increasing number of dc by one each time. (by row 25 you should be making 22 dc then one dc inc)

(continue rounds until the hat fits the diameter of your head. If it’s too big, make fewer rounds. On the last round, skip the final ch 2 and FO.)

Tail Piece (make 2)

Using your contrasting colour:

Rd 1 Ch 16; sc in second ch from hook; sc in next 2 ch; 2 hdc ; 2 dc ; trc in next ch; 2 dc; 2 hdc; sc in next ch; 3sc in final ch (to create point) and continue around other side of foundation chain sc in next ch; 2 hdc; 2 dc; trc in next ch; 2 dc; 2 hdc; sc in final 4 ch; ch 1, turn

Rd 2 4 sc; 2 hdc; 2 dc; trc in next st; 2 dc; 2 hdc; 2 sc; 3sc in next st; 2 sc; 2 hdc; 2 dc; trc in next st; 2 dc; 2 hdc; 5 sc; FO, leaving an 8” long tail for stitching to hat

Fin (make 2)

Using your main colour, follow Rd 1 of Tail pieces. Do not make the final ch 1, just FO, leaving an 8” long tail for stitching in place

Back Spine

This is a tricky bit. Starting at the point of the hat, slide your hook into the center of the point, then under one horizontal stitch of the first round of dcs. YO your hook with your contrasting colour and pull up a loop. Anchor your CC in place with a sc. Now slide your hook under the dc in the round below your first stitch and make another sc. Continue doing this down to 4” from the brim of the hat. Ch 1, turn.

In the line of single crochets you just made:

*(sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc) in first sc. Repeat from * until you reach the point of the hat. FO.

Eyes (make 2)

Using white yarn, make a magic ring; sc 6 in ring; pull ring tight; ss to join; ch 1

Rd 1 sc inc in each st around; ss to join; ch 1

Rd 2 *(sc in st, sc inc in next st); repeat from * around; ss to join, ch 1

Rd 3 *(2 sc, sc inc in next st); repeat from * around; ss to join, ch 1

Rd 4 *(3 sc, sc inc in next st); repeat from * around; ss to join, FO

stuff eye lightly with fiberfill

Using black yarn, make a magic ring; sc 6 in ring; pull ring tight; ss to join, FO leaving a tail to use for sewing.

Sew the iris to the eyeball wherever it makes you happy. I made “crazy eyes” for my fish.


Around the brim edge of the hat, attach your off-white or white yarn into one dc stitch. In the same st, hdc, sc.

* (sc, hdc, sc in next st); repeat from * around brim of hat until you meet back at your first tooth. FO.

Assembling the Fish

Position your eyes on either side of the fish’s spine about 2” from the brim of the hat. Sew in place. About half-way up the hat, sew your fins in place on either side of the spine, slightly further out than the eyeballs. (See picture above for positioning.) Sew your two tail fins firmly to the point of the hat. Weave in all yarn ends. Put fish on someone’s head. Giggle madly and run away.


Oh yeah baby, that's ME!

Ok, so I get a little odd sometimes. What can I say?

More crocheting!

so I drove myself over to Herschnerr's Craft store on Victoria, which is to yarn as the Stag Shop is to porn...

picked up some pretty wool and made this: (this picture is not mine... my scarf is actually in tones of pinks and browns, how trendy... oh, and longer, much longer.)

This one is actually mine:

So... I said earlier....

I said I was learning to be a hooker! .... er... I was getting crotchety? NO NO, I was learning to CROCHET!!

So I did! and since then I've made a hat (with a cool twisty dangly thing on top), a matching scarf, a little backpack that you could fit a guinea pig inside, if the guinea pig was so inclined to ride in said backpack, which ours are most definitely NOT. I also made an amiguguri birdy, and a mousie, 2 dishcloths, some squares for afgans to donate, and I've learned the spiral stitch, single, double and treble crochets, crocheting in the round, shells, and a couple of motifs.

And if none of that made sense to you, it didn't to me EITHER last week. :)

Hubby said I'm addicted and if I learn ONE MORE HOBBY he is going to lock me into a padded room with NO YARN and NO CROCHET HOOKS.

*cries* he's so mean to me.

here's some pictures of the first few things I made:

Something new for the Carole...

I'm teaching myself how to crochet.

I've never been all that good at "tying string into knots with sticks"... either the one-stick or two-stick version. My grandmother tried to show me when I was 10 or so, and I think I had the single and double crochet stitches down. I remember making a granny square or two once.

Well, I'm relearning it. Why? because ... well, because... there's some darned pretty new yarns out there. And they're SPARKLY. And I'm a magpie! And it would be cool (if not long, tedious, and far more expensive than buying them) to make my own socks! (somehow, I fear I'll have to learn knitting to make socks.)

So anyway, I made a teeny granny square yesterday, but the videos online I'm trying to learn from... they're too FAST! I'm so far behind that I miss some vital steps I think. I'm going to see if I can find a site that just shows me pictures and the crocheting notations. I'm not making them FOR anything, just for practice and for fun. (I'm actually doing them out of craft cotton, embroidery thread if you want to be precise. I probably have the wrong sized hook too.)

Welcome to my blog!

This is where I will now blather on about my crocheting (as my flist from my regular blog are likely getting bored to tears about all my fiber-induced madness.)

Really can't say I blame them. You have to be INTO fibercraft to really appreciate crocheting, knitting, tatting, spinning, weaving and the like. My hubby certainly doesn't "get" why I like to fondle the yarn at Michael's (even if I have no intention of buying any. Honest. I'm not buying ANY. Well, maybe one ball. Or two. They're on sale!)

The following posts are actually copied here from my regular blog, and then we should be up to date. Oldest to newest. So welcome, if you're reading this and nice to meet you!